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What is Backdating?

Air Cooled Classics is the first to backdate a Porsche 964 and has been backdating Porsches longer than anyone else – since 2005! Backdating is modifying a new car to make them look older. We specialize in taking a new 964 and making it look like a 1970’s long hood Porsche. Converting C2 and C4 cars to their original body style. Each backdate is customized for each client!


Our team of Top- Notch Fabricators can customize any body modification and repairs. Our fabricators can rebuild your dream car from completed, semi-finished, or raw car parts.

What We Can Do For You

Air Cooled Classics specializes in Porsche 964 Backdating, Outlaw and Restomods 911 and 914 conversions, Service, Restoration and Racing Fabrication. Clients can bring in a complete car or body parts and the Air cooled classics team of mechanics and top-notch fabricators can build you a car from scratch.